The Engine Light Conundrum

My check engine light came on yesterday.  A big red exclamation point popped up next to it. The car started to chug like a truck instead of a Prius. So I decided it would be okay to drive home.

The only thing I knew about check engine lights came from Big Bang Theory.  Penny drove her car with it on for seven years before anything bad happened. Turns out comedy sitcoms aren’t the best place to get auto advice. What you’re really supposed to do is stop or say goodbye to your car.

I got lucky and made it home okay. When I learned how serious it was, I threw a fit like Basil Fawlty (look it up). At one point, I shook my finger at the car and said, “You’d better keep going for the next five years or I will waste you myself!”

When I called AAA to get it towed, my Mom had to gently remind me that people wouldn’t want to help if I acted like an asshole. Then, after I heard our membership expired, I told her I was going to use my old card as target practice.

Eventually, I managed to grit my teeth and be pleasant. But it was hard. I recommend saying thank you way more than you need to.

To sum up:

  1. When the check engine light appears, pull over and pray.
  2. Don’t panic (do as I say, not as I do).
  3. My battery is broken and it will cost me $2,500 to fix.
  4. Shit.

car pic 2