I exercise a lot. Enough that my room needs an air freshener and my family makes me do all the heavy lifting. They call me their Sherpa. Here are five ways to make sure you get regular exercise.

  • Make it routine. I do mine every morning before work. On the plus side, it gives me energy for the day. On the minus side, I want to stay glued to my bed like a barnacle, not get up and do push-ups.
  • Moderate is okay. It’s better to go for a walk and enjoy it, than to go for a run, have your chest explode, and never do it again.
  • If you can afford it, take an exercise class. Having someone yell at you to pick up your heels is more fun than you’d think.
  • Try a sport. Part of the reason I work out is so I can stay fit for martial arts. If I can’t roundhouse kick your head, then I need to stretch out my hips and do some squats. I knocked someone twice my size down with a roundhouse once. Then I had to kneel down because I really wasn’t supposed to do that.
  • Don’t run on concrete. It hurts your joints. Take it from someone who does it more often than she should.

If you follow these tips, then you too can lug dog food in from the car—Sherpa.