Olympia is a funny town. It has a mix of hippies, rednecks, and government workers all hiking the same trails. It’s on the water, and its downtown is a medley of cafes, record stores, and boutiques. It’s Portlandia and Duck Dynasty with yuppies.  Here are some fun things to do in Olympia.

  • Visit the Farmers Market. They have a stand there that sells beef patties with crumbles of blue cheese in them. Get some and make your family barbeque it for you.
  • Go to StoryOly. This is an open mic night at Rhythm and Rye (a local bar), but with personal stories instead of questionable poetry. As a writer, I plan on shamelessly stealing these stories for my work.
  • Play in the water. My family bought an Avon last winter, and we’ve been trying it out these past couple months. Tip: Pay attention to the tide. We took it out in low tide once and had to lug it thirty yards down the beach. My sister cut her foot, and I almost twisted my ankle between the boat and an oyster.
  • Shop downtown. Archibald Sisters is always cool. They have funny books like Vader’s Little Princess and coffee mugs with Dr. Who’s Tardis on them. When I said cool, I meant nerdy.
  • In downtown Olympia, you are never more than a block away from a café. Take advantage of this. Some good ones are the Spar and the Bread Peddler.

Finally, swim against the tide when you’re in the water. Or you may end up in Seattle.