Last weekend, I went to California to see my sister and her kitten Ryan, who now runs the household. Seriously, she treats our hands like they’re chew toys, my sister has scratches up past her elbows, and we still come back for more. It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that no one in our family can say no to seven pounds of adorableness.

I’m the worst one. My family already thinks the humane society will have to come take away all the cats I will eventually acquire. What? You can’t get a new cat every time you see a cute one? Here are six annoying things cats do that actually melt my heart.

  • Try crawling down my throat in the winter. It’s like they think it’s warmer there.
  • Take up half my bed and complain when I move. Okay, I can hold this position eight hours. Really, it’s no problem.
  • Bat my face. Yes, the best place for your dirty paw is right over my lips.
  • Meow constantly. As cats get older, they get more vocal. They have complaints about the service.
  • Scratch at the door/window, demanding to be let in. If they’re let in once, it’s over. When I was in fourth grade, my cat would meow at my window at four in the morning. To get her to stop, I opened the kitchen door for her. Then she came back the next night.
  • Move around and rub against you when you’re trying to take a picture of them for your blog. A photo of your tail wasn’t quite what I had in mind. Ahem.

If you see me with a million cats, the number for the humane society is 360-866-8986.