Being an adult can be a bummer, you have to go to work, pay bills, and clean the house. When the cat brings in a dead mouse, you can’t call your parents to come remove it. You have to wrap your hand in a paper towel, hold it by its skinny tail, and carry it to the garbage. FYI this should be the outside garbage.

Since I’ve graduated college, I’ve had deal with things my parents used to take care of. Here is a list of basics that new adults like me should do.

  • Go to the doctor’s office. I went last June. Before that, I hadn’t been for a couple of years. I promised my Dad I’d do it in November, and then put it off for another six months.
  • Likewise, visit the dentist. On my last trip, I found out I needed a night guard. Insurance won’t pay for it so I’m out $450 bucks, but it’s better than being out a set of teeth.
  • Look at your bank statement. You don’t have to scrutinize it down to the cent, but you should check that all the expenses are for places you’ve actually been.
  • Bring your car in for regular maintenance. And don’t, I repeat, don’t drive with the check engine light on.
  • Make time for your passion. It’s why I’m writing this instead of lounging on the back deck.

Finally, act like a kid sometimes. Put a fake rat on your Mom’s pillow. Run around outside. Pretend to push your sister off a cable car (maybe not that last one). Because being a kid is fun!