Last week, I spent an hour going through construction on Mount Rainier. The return trip (with no construction) took a minute. I had no phone reception, and all I had to read was the park newsletter saying, “This work continues the third year of a multi-year road construction project.” My reward for this slog was a gorgeous hike to a clear blue-green lake, but still…

  • Road work never ends. A “multi-year construction project” won’t finish until 2050, if you’re lucky.
  • They block three lanes when they only need one. It’s so tempting to slide into an empty stretch, rev the engine, and go for it.
  • Construction’s a road hazard. One time a chunk of rock from a site came whizzing through our smallest rear window and broke it. Good thing it wasn’t the windshield.
  • They only let a few cars through at once. And the car they stop at is only a couple ahead of you. Grr…
  • The second you get out of the car is the second the line starts to move. I had to pee while I was waiting in the Mt. Rainier construction, so I went to, ahem, visit the bushes. I had to streak out again like a jack rabbit. We weren’t moving forward though, only to another lane. Go figure.

The moral of the story is: If you suffer through road work, reward yourself with a wildflower filled hike at the end. And if you need to jump in a lake (or dunk a construction worker), that’s fine too.